The Kaiserball, Wiener Hofburg, 31.12.2001

All images are © Copyright Andrew Stevenson, 2001-2002.

The "k.u.k." Trabanten Garde in the entrance hall - the "imperial couple" wait at the top of the stairs while we sup our cocktails Everyone stops to take a photograph, or have a photograph taken with Emperor Franz Joseph and his Empress Sisi (well, a pair of actors, but let's not spoil the magic)
The stage in the main ballroom, the Festsaal, with THE clock Our room, the Geheime Ratstube (Privy Council Chamber), with one of its Hungarian gypsy quartet taking the applause
The Zeremoniensaal (the Hapsburg's throne room). Nice chandeliers. There was a big band in here. "Our" Hungarian gypsy quartet - unfortunately the only photograph I have of them
Prosit Neujahr! (It's midnight!) Happy New Year! After wishing everyone Prosit Neujahr, Franz Josef and Sisi led the dancing and then sat back to watch the concert by the State Opera and Ballet companies
Noch ein Glas Wein? The absolutely splendid team of waitresses for the Geheime Ratstube relax at some time after 2 a.m. for a group photo mit dem Chef
Dancing in the Festsaal some time after 3 am! Yes, we really were still there in the Festsaal at 3.30 a.m.
Ah! The last waltz. Good grief! There's a man there without his tie!! Part of the decoration in the Festsaal

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