Broadbent Wines
22nd May 2007

Matthew Broadbent took me through a selection of his wines, including some madeiras and ports, but starting with the wines of Dragonís Hollow in Ningxia Hui, China.

The Dragonís Hollow winery lies at the foot of the He Lan mountain range in Ningxia Hui, China, on the same latitude as Californiaís Napa Valley.  The vineyards extend to some 6,000 hectares: the vines were originally planted in the early 1990s, but production only started in 2003.  Winemaking in China is still very strictly controlled by the Chinese government.

2005 Unoaked Chardonnay, Dragonís Hollow, Eastern Foot of He Lan Mountain Appellation, China, 12.5%
Itís very sauvignon-like on the nose.  The palate is precise and clean and has a nice freshness.  It opens out nicely, remaining fine and clean and fresh, though the acidityís a touch high.  Very Good.  87/100

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Dragonís Hollow, Eastern Foot of He Lan Mountain Appellation, China, 12.5%
Quite a pure clean cabernet sauvignon nose.  Very green on the palate, though itís not especially tannic.  Definitely needs more time.  Very Good?  86/100

NV Broadbent Vinho Verde, 9%
Crisp and fresh, this is a very nice vinho verde.  88/100

NV Rainwater Medium Dry Madeira, Broadbent
A very cooked straightforward madeira nose.  Much better on the palate than the nose. This has a nice, refined palate, just showing a bit of spirit on the finish.  Very Good.  86/100

NV Fine Rich Sweet Madeira, Broadbent
A good, forward nose.  Nice palate, with good balance.  Very Good.  87/100

NV 5 Years Old Reserve Madeira, Broadbent
This is much more interesting on the nose.  Nice palate, with layers of interest and a nice complexity and character.  Very Good Indeed.  90/100

1996 Colheita Madeira, Broadbent
Very pleasant nose: almost figgy and citrussy.  Very good palate, with some spirit showing on the finish.  Very Good/Very Good Indeed.  88/100

NV 10 Year Old Malmsey, Madeira, Broadbent
Very good nose.  Very good in the mouth: quite precise with a lovely balance.  Very fine acidity.  Very Good Indeed.  90/100

NV Auction Reserve Port, Broadbent
From a freshly opened bottle.  It has quite a slight nose, with the Douro fruit characters opening up slowly.  This is a good basic ruby.  Very Good.  87/100

1994 Vintage Port, Broadbent
A very attractive nose, with very deep plums, tobacco and figs.  It has nice balance and good character, though itís not at all over-complex.  Very Good.  87/100


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