Champagne and other Sparkling Wines
tasted at the London International Wine Fair 2009

Champagne Vincent d'Astrée   

Champagne Vincent d'Astrée

 N.V. Vincent d'Astrée Champagne Brut 
80% pinot meunier; 20% chardonnay from this 1956-established producer near Epernay.
      The nose has some very nice black fruits with nice poise and interest. Pretty good palate. It has a good full flavour and lots of character. 89/100
 N.V. Vincent d'Astrée Champagne Esprit Terroir Brut Réserve Premier Cru
     50% chardonnay; 50% pinot meunier; matured for three years.
      This has a very fresh, elegant, minerally nose, with perhaps a hint of red fruits alongisde the black. Very nice palate, with quite lush, round flavours. 91/100
 2004 Vincent d'Astrée Champagne Coeur de Terroir 
     The nose is quite minerally, with some remarkably delicate black fruits for a 100% pinot meunier. Fresh and crisp - it almost lacks much pinot meunier character till you get to the finish. 90/100
 2000 Vincent d'Astrée Champagne Blanc de Blancs
     Quite a pure, biscuity nose. Crisp, clean palate. Good. 87/100
 2002 Vincent d'Astrée Champagne 50 ans Brut 
     50% pinot noir; 50% chardonnay.
      A much more classic nose, that at the same time is rather less interesting than the other Vincent d'Astrée champagnes that I tasted. It's a nice classic champagne - so much would depend on the price. There's a good rich fruit flavour on the finish. 88/100

Pedrotti, Trentino, Italy

N.V. Pedrotti Spumanti Trento Brut 
      90% chardonnay, 10% pinot noir. This spends 30 months on its lees.
      It has a lemony fresh nose and a nice funky feel in the mouth. Very fresh and crisp. 88/100
N.V. Pedrotti Spumanti Trento Brut Riserva 
      90% chardonnay and 10% pinot noir. This has spent no less than 12 years on its lees in the bottle.
      On the nose, it's clean and fresh with lemon and black fruits. There's a nice rich feel in the mouth. It feels very evolved but not overly so. 91/100
1988 Pedrotti Spumanti Trento Brut Riserva Speciale Italo Pedrotti 
      There's some nice zesty minerality on the nose. Very lemon zesty. Quite even on the palate. Remarkably fresh, and this is from a pour right at the end of the bottle, and a bit flat. In a new bottle, it's really lovely and fresh and really rather classy. 89/100

A couple of oddities

N.V. Kiwicru Kiwi'zz 
      Made in Corsica from Corsican grown kiwi fruit.  A pleasant green fruit nose. Aromatic and fresh. Just of dry. Pleasant. 86/100

N.V. Volg Weinkellereien Volgaz! - Switzerland, Graubünden, Bündner Herrschaft
      8.5% A tank method Perlwein made from a blend of riesling and silvaner grapes grown in Weiningen. On the nose there are crisp, sweet apples and pears. It's off dry on the palate and makes quite a pleasant drink. 86/100


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