Fall Creek Vineyards, Texas

Texas?  It's hot there isn't it?  Full of oil wells, cowbow hats and not a lot else?  I have to admit I was rather prejudiced at the thought of tasting wines from Texas, but am very pleased to report that I was very pleasantly surprised by this small sample.

NV Sauvignon Blanc, Premium American White Wine, Fall Creek Vineyards, Texas, 13.8%
A rich full nose with some grassy, green fruit.  Decent palate.  Not a bad sauvignon blanc – better than I thought it would be.  84/100

2007 Chenin Blanc, Fall Creek Vineyards, Texas, 12.3%
Quite a nice nose with citrus, cream and wool.  There’s some sweetness on the palate, but it works well and would especially with spicy food.  88/100

NV Merlot, Fall Creek Vineyards, Texas, 14.8%
Oaky, peppery, sawdusty black fruit on the nose.  Very big, ripe fruit on the palate.  Quite surprisingly integrated.  It tastes a lot better than the nose would suggest.  Interesting.  87/100

2004 Meritus, Fall Creek Vineyards, Texas
This is a blend of 90% cabernet sauvignon, 5% merlot and 5% malbec that spends 30 months in oak.  There’s heavy sawdust on the nose along with tobacco and sweet black fruit.  The oak is very evident, and dominant, on the palate too.  No doubt this is serious stuff, but it’s too toasty oak and a bit overdone for me.  86/100


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Last updated: 27 April 2009