The Wines of Marcel Deiss
1st October 1998

Deiss have around forty acres of vines from which they source their grapes: none are bought in. Yields are kept low. Deiss place much greater emphasis on terroir than on the grape variety, and since this tasting they have - very controversially - started bottling field blends rather than the single varietals required by the appellation contrôlée regulations.

1996 Muscat Bergheim
No chaptalisation. A faintly floral nose. Bone dry on the palate. Attractive, though there's not really a great deal to it. Light and perfectly acceptable. Very Good(+)

1994 Pinot Noir Burlenberg
From a half bottle, opened one hour beforehand. This has a nice even colour and quite a mature appearance. Hints of cherry fruit on the nose. Fairly clean attack. Quite peppery and long on the finish. Fair amounts of tannin. Good/Very Good.

1995 Riesling Engelgarten
The Engelgarten is a lieu-dit in Bergheim. Deiss say this is still far too young, and recommend that it's decanted two hours beforehand.


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