Mikrosvin Mikulov

Mikulov lies in the south of the Czech Republic in Southern Moravia on the route between Brno and Vienna, 30 miles south of Brno and 50 miles north of Vienna, in a region where vines have been cultivated since Roman times.  In the 17th and 18th centuries the area around Mikulov has between 3500 and 4000 hectares planted with vines.  Mikulov now has some 3500 hectares under vines on the southern slopes of the Pálava Highlands, at the western end of the Carpathians.  The area produces mainly white wines from Welschriesling, pinot blanc, chardonnay, kerner, grüner veltliner and Müller Thurgau.  There are also smaller amounts of sauvignon blanc, Saint Laurent and pinot noir.

Mikrosvin is based in the village of Dolní Dunajovice in cellars built at the end of the 19th century.  The cellars have a 500,000 litre capacity, but Mikrosvin’s annual production is currently only about half of that.  Mikrosvin farm as organically as possible. 

2007 Cabernet Moravia Rosé, Mikrosvin Mikulov
Apparently Cabernet Moravia is a cross of cabernet franc and zweigelt.  This has a light strawberry nose with a hint of marshmallow.  Nice and interesting on the palate, with lots of character.  89/100

2006 Müller-Thurgau, Mikrosvin Mikulov, 12%
A light, gently fragrant nose.  Remarkably rich palate, but remaining clean.  A very good example of Müller-Thurgau.  89/100

2006 Grüner Veltliner, Mikrosvin Mikulov, 12.5%
A light, green nose – green fruit, almost a hint of green (bell) pepper and some white pepper spice; and really quite minerally too.  Good clean palate with some weight.  Works well.  86/100

2006 Welschriesling, Mikrosvin Mikulov
From 25-year old vines apparently.  Green fruits on the nose with a touch of stink and a hint of honey.  Much better on the palate than on the nose.  There’s a hint of residual sugar giving it an easy roundness.  Light and fresh with a bit of white pepper spice and acidity on the finish.  There’s a very minerally feel in the mouth after.  88/100

2006 Sauvignon Blanc, Mikrosvin Mikulov, 12.5%
A very rich nose, almost a bit honeyed, along with plenty of asparagus “fruit” scents.  Not bad on the palate.  A touch sweet for me.  82/100

2007 Kerner, late picked, Mikrosvin Mikulov
This had only been in bottle for two weeks when I tasted it.  It has a fresh nutty, green fruits nose.  Fairly sweet on the palate.  Works well.  88/100

2007 Gewurztraminer, Mikrosvin Mikulov
Again, only recently bottled and just with a temporary label.  It has a bright, floral, fragrant gewürztraminer nose.  Clean and fresh on the palate, this is a nice light gewürztraminer with plenty of style and a sweetish character.  89/100

2007 Moravian Muscat, Mikrosvin Mikulov
A gentle floral nose.  This is a nicely balanced, semi-sweet Muscat.  Very precise with good focus.  88/100

2006 St Laurent, Mikrosvin Mikulov, 13%
This has nice, light red fruits on the nose with a mushroomy earthiness.  Pleasant palate: fairly high acidity.  Bright and fresh, but without the rawness of, say, some Alsace pinots noirs.  87/100

2007 Chardonnay Herbarium Moravicum, MVZ Hukvaldy, Mikulov, Czech Republic, 13%
A crisp, very minerally green chardonnay nose.  Lovely palate: rich and buttery feeling, but also very precise.  An interesting wine, and rather nice.  89/100



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Last updated: 27 April 2009