Organic and Vegan Wines from North South Wines



Although I'm unlikely to convert to veganism any time soon, with all the interest in avoiding animal products these days, when I came across North South Wines recently, their being specialists in organic and vegan wines piqued my interest.  But you're probably wondering how much animal is in your wine.  Well, the short answer is none.  Though the long answer is more complex.  A number of animal products can be used in winemaking, such as gelatin, albumin, casein and isinglass, used in the fining (basically clarification) of wine.  This isn't weird, but entirely traditional practices.  Nowadays, some winemakers are substituting plant and mineral based alternatives, such as bentonite clay or plant casein, so that their wines can be drunk by vegans with a clear conscience.

I tasted the following wines and was told that all were vegan, except the two Villa Sandi wines and the Lurton Piedra Negra.

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Last updated: 29 April 2019