The Wines of Slovenia

Jeruzalem Ormož

The Jeruzalem Ormož winery, originally established in 1898, has around 550 hectares of vineyards in the Ljutomer-Ormož region of north east Slovenia, not far from Steiermark, and the wines were much more Austrian in style than the odd Slovenian I've had before (which have been down on the Italian border).

I have to admit, I'd never quite realised that Slovenia had a border with Austria, but the borders of Slovenia aren't exactly something I've given great thought to, I'm afraid.

The vineyards are on some of the best sites in the region: Jeruzalem, Litmerk, Svetinje, Brebovnik, Vinski Vrh, and Kog.  The vines are grown widely spaced on wide terraces, which they claim helps make the wines aromatic.  The main grape variety is the Laski Rizling (Welschriesling), though a number of other varieties are planted including Renski Rizling (Rhine riesling - i.e. the true riesling), sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and sivi pinot (pinot gris).

I tasted the wines with winemaker Danilo Snajder in London in May 2006.



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Last updated: 02 June 2006