2006 Château Bou-Argoub, Grand Vin, AC Mornag, Tunisia, 12%
This blend of carignan and syrah has a rather attractive nose: there are clean, soft black fruits with a nice freshness and a nice floral note.  Light and fresh and clean on the palate, with a really lovely floral character.  It’s not massively complex, but is really very attractive.  A nice surprise – I wasn’t expecting something as good as this!  It’s also interesting that somewhere as hot as Tunisia can make such good red wines with such restrained levels of alcohol.  89/100

2004 Cuvée des Chasseurs, AC Mornag, C.V. Bou-Argoub, Tunisia
Carignan is the main grape in Tunisia and makes up half of the blend for this cuvee, with the remainder being 40% syrah and 10% merlot.  It’s got an interesting nose, curiously minerally and again really quite floral.  Attractive, soft palate.  It’s not wholly elegant, but it is fairly easy with a very interesting scented chocolate note on the finish.  87/100

2002 Prestige, Grands Vins Mornag, AC Mornag, Tunisia, 12%
A blend of 70% carignan, 20% syrah and 10% merlot.  It has a very soft, subtle nose, with a touch of lanolin, and a touch of hand cream, together with some firm black fruits providing the substance.  On the palate, it’s just a little too scented for me, and that’s not fully balanced by the concentrated black fruit.  This is rather unusual and a touch challenging.  85/100

NV Gris de Bou-Argoub, AC Mornag, Vin Gris de Tunisie, 12%
A mid salmon pink.  There are bright, light, red fruits on the nose.  A simple, clean rosé.  Pleasant.  84/100

2006 Château Bou-Argoub Vin Rosé, Grand Vin Mornag, AC Mornag, 12%
This is an equal blend of carignan and cinsault and presents a very deep colour for a ros
é.  There are creamy red fruits on the nose, and it’s very good on the palate.  Fresh but with decent body.  Nice length. 88/100


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Last updated: 27 April 2009