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Peterlongo, founded in 1915, are a large drinks producer in Brazil, but best known for their sparkling wines, which they claim to be able to call champagne as Brazil has had a DOC Região de Champagne since 1927.  I doubt that will wash with the EU and the Champenois were the wines to be imported!

Peterlongo Brut Champenoise
A blend (60:40) of chardonnay and riesling.  An interesting nose with some minerality.  Full on the palate.  Lots of really peachy fruit.  Nice depth of flavour.  Very Good.

Peterlongo Fino Champagne
Just to add insult to the Champenois' injury, this is a méthode charmant wine.  A very light nose.  Very foamy in the mouth.  Shorter, fresher, lighter.  But I can see many ordinary consumers would enjoy this.  Very Good.

Georges Aubert

Georges Aubert Reserva Extra Brut
A blend of 80% chardonnay and 20% pinot blanc.  A very gentle nose with light stone fruit.  Very unexceptional.

Georges Aubert Prosecco Brut
A light fragrant nose.  Clean, fresh and light.  Like many true (Italian) proseccos, it's a touch innocuous and lacking interest, but absolutely fine.  OK.

Georges Aubert Reserva Brut
A blend of chardonnay, riesling and trebbiano.  An interesting nose, quite smoky with slightly confected fruit.  Very clean and crisp with very nice fruit.  Very good balance.  Very Good Indeed.

Georges Aubert Reserva Demi-Sec
A blend of mainly chardonnay and riesling, but with many other varieties also. Full strawberry fruit nose.  Elegant fruit, with lots of strawberry and nectarine notes.  Very Good.


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Last updated: 15 December 2005