The Wines of Mexico

L A Cetto, Baja California

2005 Chenin Blanc, Baja California, L.A. Cetto
A rich fruity nose.  Good palate.  Fairly rich with a touch of sweetness.  Full and round, and very easy drinking.  Very Good.  87/100

2005 Sauvignon Blanc, Baja California, L.A. Cetto
Very, very pale appearance.  Very slight, almost imperceptible nose.  There is some vague sauvignon blanc character on the palate.  Easy and pleasant, but it’s dull, dull, dull.  Good.  82/100

2005 Chardonnay, Valle de Guadelupe, Baja California, L.A. Cetto
Fermented in stainless steel.  Fresh and very clean on the nose.  Quite full flavoured with some richness and a touch of acidity on the finish.  Good.  83/100

2004 Chardonnay Private Reserve, Valle de Guadelupe, Baja California, L.A. Cetto
Barrel fermented.  A sweetish buttery nose gives onto a round and full palate.  Good.  84/100

2005 Primavera, L.A. Cetto
This is a rosé made from cabernet sauvignon.  A deepish pink colour, this has sweet raspberry and blackcurrant fruit on the nose.  A bit disjointed on the palate, but there are some good flavours.  There’s a rather harsh feel on the finish.  Good-ish.  81/100

2004 Zinfandel, Baja California, L.A. Cetto
This has some scented, floral fruit on the nose, with lots of blackberry notes.  Very open, fresh and fruity on the palate, this feels positively juicy.  Lovely and very easy for a zin.  Very Good Indeed.  92/100

2004 Petite Sirah, Baja California, L.A. Cetto
Rather closed, green hedgerow nose.  Rich and full on the palate with a big structure and soft, yet hefty tannins on the finish.  Very Good Indeed.  89/100

2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Baja California, L.A. Cetto
Barrel aged for 12 months.  This has a very sweet, ripe nose with restrained blackcurrant fruit.  Ripe and very fruity palate.  Good finish.  Nice structure.  Very Good Indeed.  90/100

2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve, Baja California, L.A. Cetto
This was aged for 12 months in barrel and for a further 18 months in bottle.  It has a very attractive toasty oaky cassis nose.  Lovely attack.  Nice silky texture in the mouth.  Very smooth with really nice fruit.  Very Good Indeed.  93/100

2001 Nebbiolo Private Reserve, Baja California, L.A. Cetto
This was aged for 16 months in barrel and then a further two years in bottle.  The nose is rather closed with some slight, sweet cherry fruit.  Very smooth and silky on the attack.  Fills out nicely on the palate.  There are some fairly big tannins, but it is well balanced.  Very Good.  88/100


Santo Tomas, Baja California

1999 Barbera, Baja California, Santo Tomas
A bright even ruby that has lost any youthful purple. Big fruity nose - warm, cedary spiced cherries. Good attack; very mouthfilling. Very full and with a lush mouthfeel. Lots of fruit. Big and hefty: by no means a quaffing wine. Powerful stuff. Very big with good fruit, but not all upfront fruit. Soft tannins on the finish. Impressive, though possibly not quite showing all the characteristics of barbera. Very Good Indeed (at the price - £3.53) 89/100

1999 Tempranillo, Baja California, Santo Tomas
A deep, slightly muddy, garnet colour with a hint of youth at the rim. Fair nose, though there is not a great deal of fruit. Some alcohol shows through on the nose too and it's a bit okay with green leaves/hedgerows and a touch of mint. Quite big on the attack. Very forward fruit and very mouthfilling. Fills even more as it remains in the mouth. Very full on the palate, but not overly fruity and not overly varietal. Bit, quite fat and notably alcoholic. Fair. 78/100

1999 Barbera, Baja California, Santo Tomas
Very attractive, bright cherry red. Big fruity nose with a sort of bitter peach kernel scent. Very nice attack - rich and with bags of fruit. Fruit develops in the mouth. Quite complex towards the finish when some alcohol kicks in. Nice acid bitterness running throughout, with soft, pleasing tannins on the finish.  88/100

1999 Tempranillo, Baja California, Santo Tomas
A second bottle of this: the first was corked. Very bright youthful garnet in appearance. A warm, sour cherry nose with a hint of citrus and of spice. Nice and inviting and almost Christmassy. Quite big and fruity on the attack. A full-on, no messing wine. Very ripe fruit; hefty and full; and very mouthfilling. Good length follows a clean finish. Very Good Indeed, although you'd be hard pressed to guess it was tempranillo. 89/100

1999 Barbera, Baja California, Santo Tomas
These Santo Tomas Barbera & Tempranillo wines from Bibendum have been a really mixed lot, with huge bottle variation and a quite high proportion of off bottles. This one's a good one.
Even, cherry red with very merest hint of youth. Restrained minty nose with hedgerow, prunes and apricot kernels. Light attack with some body. Fills ok, developing character. Big on middle and massive on finish. Fairly simple and rustic, but with a nice character and interest to it. Very spicy on finish with some soft tannins. Good.  83/100

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Last updated: 1 August 2007